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More than 70 abandoned dogs rescued after bank forecloses on Florida home

A total of 71 dogs were the victims of a hoarding situation.
North Florida Animal Rescue

A total of 71 dogs and puppies were rescued by Thursday from a foreclosed home in Lamont, Florida these past few weeks after a family's home was foreclosed. The dogs had been roaming the area while family members would stop by and feed them stated a press release from the Humane Society of the United States.

For the past few weeks, the HSUS, Alachua County Animal Services and multiple volunteers have been helping the family with the dogs and removed the remaining 52 animals from the Jefferson County property. The owners have surrendered all of the dogs to the HSUS.

Kate MacFall, Florida state director for The HSUS, said;

“These dogs were caught in the middle of a terrible situation – the owner had too many animals and was unable to provide adequate care. They roamed the rural neighborhood and bred indiscriminately. The eviction just brought the situation to a crisis mode, especially with the bank wanting the dogs off the property. We’re pleased to have been able to help these animals and give them an opportunity for a fresh start.”

Many of the dogs were underweight. Some of the male dogs have been injured fighting over the female dogs. Other dogs are suffering from mange, ticks, open wounds and infections. A few of the female dogs are pregnant.

Jefferson County does not have their own Animal Control facility. The dogs have all been moved to the North Florida Animal Rescue in Wellborn, Florida where they will be checked and treated by veterinarians. Dogs will be available for adoption as early as next week.

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