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Obama is in the unconstitutional zone

So the magic man has rewritten the Obamacare law about how many times? Most of the 38 changes have been done by fiat executive actions; effectively taking the power of the legislature from them as they stand watching and doing nothing about it. He has become acclimated to the idea that he has the power to declare what is constitutional, right in the face of the Supreme Court; and like Putin, is not worried about any one doing a darn thing about it.

After causing about 7 million people to lose their healthcare plan, many to lose their doctors and their cost to multiply; he is determined to hide the other harmful things to come from Obamacare. So he has determined that he will slowly boil the frog, the American people, until the whole is fully cooked.

This is not the law DEEMED to have passed the legislature and if they allow this without impeachment, they deserve what they get. By setting still they are saying the President can do what he wants. Like Cowards, they have allowed a would-be-tyrant to walk up to them and take their constitutional weapons and imprison them in place, with fear! What impeachment would do is cause the American people to see how serious this is; understand that all should be delayed and make them a party to electing enough Senators and to make sure that we can put this country back on a constitutional footing. While they are at it, they can force him to bring out documentation about himself as a separate issue of impeachment is they so choose. Documentation that he has paid millions to hide would have to be made available. If he only knew this was going to happen, he would conduct himself more constitutionally.

Other options are that the congress just come out and tell the people that it is not law and the people do not have to obey; that the first time one of them is prosecuted, the president will be impeached. I would bet that the Supreme Court get involved immediately. After all, this law did not originate with the House of Representatives as the Constitution requires. The people could also decide that they will not comply with an unconstitutional law, one not passed by congress, all on their own. All the changes make this an entirely different law than the one DEEMED to have come from the House. The bottom line is that the congress and people are not powerless. I will not comply!


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