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Montana Democrats pick 'anarchist at heart' to run for U.S. Senate

On Saturday, Montana Republicans posted a YouTube video montage of statements made by Amanda Curtis, a 34-year-old math teacher and state representative who was picked by Democrats to replace Sen. John Walsh, the Democrat who dropped out of the Senate race over allegations of plagiarism. Curtis makes a number of comments in the video, including one where she describes herself as an "anarchist at heart."

Democrats select "anarchist at heart" to run for U.S. Senate from Montana.
Facebook/Amanda Curtis

At one point in the video, Curtis expressed a desire to "walk across the floor and punch" someone -- presumably a conservative Republican. She also claimed Montanans would end up looking like Frankenstein if Republicans block Medicaid expansion, making her point with a Frankenstein earring.

She also said it's "bull" that America's children will inherit the massive debt imposed on the country. "And that's the nice word for it," she added.

In another clip, she appears to be mocking Christians. Later, she derided a colleague who said the most basic form of government in the state is the family.

Politico said Curtis is banking on the fact that she is relatively inexperienced, having only served a single term in the state legislature. According to Politico, she intends to frame her campaign as one that champions the interest of the working class while painting her opponent as only being concerned about corporations and the wealthy. It's a familiar refrain heard from progressive, far-left candidates, and usually means the candidate supports higher taxes and a more intrusive federal government.

Rep. Steve Daines, her GOP opponent, has personal assets worth between $8.9 million and $32.7 million, Politico said. He also served as an executive with the Bozeman-based RightNow Technologies from 2000 to 2012 prior to running for the U.S. House.

Curtis is seen as a long-shot in the race since Walsh was polling behind Daines before the scandal. Nevertheless, she insists she's "in it to win it."

“They’re fed up with politics as usual. They feel like they don’t have a place and their voice is not heard," she said. "And I represent something different for them."

Curtis may be right about being "something different." Montanans now have a choice between an experienced Republican and someone who describes herself as an "anarchist at heart" who apparently doesn't think very highly of Christians and those who do not want to see their children burdened with mounting national debt. The video can be seen above.

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