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Monster sized rat terrorizes family

The Daily Mail reported a terrifying story today about a 15 inch rat (not including the tail) that terrorized a Swedish family. The story is so incredible that it has already had thousands of Internet views.

A resident holds up the body of a giant rat that terrorized a family.
The Daily Mail website

The Bengtsson-Korsas family learned something was amiss when their cat refused to enter the kitchen. A monster rat had gnawed a tunnel into the family’s kitchen and took residency behind the family’s dishwasher. It had also chewed its way through water pipes.

After the family unsuccessfully tried to scare the rat away, they contacted an exterminator who placed an industry-sized trap.

Signe Bengtsson-Korsas expressed how terrified she was after seeing the large beast:

"I was terrified. It was so huge that I barely saw what it was and I jumped up on the kitchen table."

Within two days, the rat was snared in the trap, but it was so strong that it escaped with the trap still attached to it. Eventually, it suffocated itself after it got wedged underneath a plant.

Read more about this story and view the terrifying pictures at the Daily Mail website.

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