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Monkees news: Added date on Monkees tour; fan recalls Monkees convention

Mike Nesmith at Monkees Convention 2014
Mike Nesmith at Monkees Convention 2014
Paul Andelski

A new show has been added to the original list of dates for The Monkees May-June tour, Pollstar announced March 26. The new concert is June 2 at Weesner Family Amphitheater in Minneapolis, Minn., part of the “Music in the Zoo Concert Series.” Also, VIP packages are available for various dates on the tour. You can find more information here.

Mike Nesmith at Monkees Convention 2014, which took place March 14-16. .
Paul Andrelski

Monkees Live website: The website The Monkees Live Almanac has news from the convention and details of the upcoming tour. Two of the latest entries are from the convention: Micky Dolenz's interview with Andrew Sandoval and Michael Nesmith's Q&A.

Fun at the convention: Paul Andrelski told us in an email he very much enjoyed Monkees Convention 2014. “Nez seemed very relaxed at Monkees convention 2014, and got looser as his movies of the mind show progressed. He added 'Joanne', 'Different Drum', and 'Listen to the Band' to the set. I got the $140 autograph to complete the "grand slam" as we call it having all four Monkees sign something.

“They did not play together at all at this convention, but Micky was all over the market signing his daughters work (frames, boxes) and was very pleasant. It didn't seem as if there were as many fans this year as last, but it was a great time. The lines for the pro photo shoots were long and took a long time, but people seemed happy with it.”

"Forgot to add that Nez let his son Christian do all the guitar for the show. Nez stood at the mike and verbally painted the picture he wanted you to envision. Also I ran into an old friend that was at Joe Pope's first Beatles convention and we reminisced all weekend."

Paul sent us pictures and they're in the slide show.

BBC re-running Micky series: BBC Radio 2 is re-running the two-part “Laurel Canyon” radio series narrated by Micky Dolenz. The program talks about the history of the area, of which Dolenz himself was a resident. The first part of the series is no longer available, but the second part can be heard here until about 9 p.m. ET. Thursday.

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