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Moms Demand Action pressures Jack in the Box based on shaky evidence

Moms Demand Action applauded the restaurant chain "Jack in the Box" Friday after the company indicated that the "presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for...guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences."

Open Carry Texas demonstrators posing with Jack in the Box employees
Facebook [Open Carry Texas]

The campaign to pressure the popular eatery started after a local NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas reported that an Open Carry Texas demonstration led to employees "lock[ing] themselves inside a freezer" according to an email from Sergeant Raymond Bush of the Fort Worth Police Department. The story received national attention and Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action launched an aggressive campaign to pressure Jack in the Box and the Home Depot, where Open Carry Texas also rallied.

In a statement, Moms Demand Action said in part that Jack In The Box is “subjecting hourly employees to danger and fear,” and “…Jack In The Box and Home Depot are disregarding the safety and peace of mind of patrons, employees and law enforcement by allowing groups and individuals to openly carry shotguns and rifles onto their properties.”

Yesterday, the New York Times revealed that Jack in the Box Vice President of Corporate Communications Brian Luscomb confirmed that employees did not hide in the freezer. In fact, CJ Grisham, President and Founder of Open Carry Texas told the author that the staff was "happy" to see the open carry activists and even posed for photos with the group, as reported at Tavern Keepers.

In an email to the author, however, Sergeant Ray Bush doubled down on his assertion that employees locked themselves in the freezer,

“I can tell you we have verified our earlier statement. Our officers spoke with jack in the box employees the day of the incident. Other than that we have no new information.”

After asking Bush whether any of the employees could be identified and whether they could produce 911 calls from the employees, Bush said "we really don't have any new information to give out right now."

Open Carry Texas released a video of the 911 call that prompted the police investigation, which included “around 10 squad cars,” and “more than 15 officers,” according to demonstrator Edwin Haros.

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