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Mommy penalty government report: New report reveals some interesting findings

A so-called mommy penalty government report revealed some interesting findings regarding the incomes of women with children. One aspect of the report showed that mothers who have children under age of 18 earn considerably less than men who have children that are also minors. A Nov. 15 post from NBC shared the details on the mommy penalty government report.

In the United States, a large portion of the “mommy penalty” can be explained by certain jobs mothers vs. non-mothers have. In comparison to women without kids, mothers usually land jobs that pay a greater share of their compensation in benefits rather than wages. The “mommy penalty” report also explained that women with younger kids usually have to pay more out of pocket.

“Among women, median weekly earnings for mothers of children under age 18 were $680, slightly below the earnings for women without children under 18 ($697),” the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics explained.

It continued: “Among men, earnings for fathers with children under 18 were $946, compared with $799 for men without children under 18.”

"Asian women and men earned more than their White, Black, and Hispanic or Latino counterparts in 2012. Among women, Whites ($710) earned 92 percent as much as Asians ($770), while Blacks ($599) and Hispanics ($521) earned 78 percent and 68 percent as much as Asians, respectively. In comparison, White men ($879) earned 83 percent as much as Asian men ($1,055); Black men ($665) earned 63 percent as much as Asians; and Hispanic men ($592), 56 percent."

Lower hourly pay seems to be directly connected with motherhood. The report suggests that the main reason behind this is because motherhood causes women to lose “job experience,” “be less productive at work,” trade jobs with higher wages for jobs that are more friendly to their schedule, or suffer discrimination from employers.

The findings show that in 2012, women with children who were minors had median weekly earnings of $680, while women without children under 18 had median weekly earnings of $697.

Michelle Budig, a sociology professor with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who conducted research for the mommy penalty government report, told CNBC that “I think parenthood is like the new site of gender discrimination.”

You can view the mommy penalty government report in full here.

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