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Mom sentenced for holding down toddler daughters while husband raped them

The judge would have preferred sentencing her to life in prison rather than just 15 years.
The judge would have preferred sentencing her to life in prison rather than just 15 years.
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If he had his way, Judge Anthony Aloi would have sentenced a Syracuse, N.Y. married couple to life in prison for what the judge described as the pair’s “monstrous and horrific” rapes of their two daughters. Court testimony detailed how the mother, Sierra Clark, held down the two girls, ages two and four, and covered their mouths so they couldn’t scream while her husband, Ronald Clark, raped the toddlers “on multiple occasions” in 2010.

According to a May 9 report from, the prosecutors in the case against the Clarks agreed with the judge that both parents should spend the rest of their lives in jail. Unfortunately, life wasn’t an option, “given the law and the realities of the case.” Today, the mother was sentenced to 15 years in prison for her part in her daughters’ rapes. The husband had already been sentenced to at least 27 years in prison for his part in the rapes.

Bringing the tragedy and the evil of this story to an entirely different level, it’s been reported that the mother is “mentally handicapped,” and was chosen by her husband solely for the purpose of grooming her to participate in the rapes of the children. Prosecutors in the case have described the now incarcerated husband as "less than a human being."

In a separate report from, we find that the mother cooperated with the investigation, which proved essential to convicting her husband. Prosecutor Jeff Schiano had little sympathy for the mother though, saying in court today that he hoped “Sierra Clark would hear the screams of the girls while going to bed and waking up for the rest of her life.”

"If I didn't absolutely need your testimony to secure a conviction against your husband, I can guarantee you, as sure as I'm standing in this courtroom today, you would spend the rest of your life behind bars," Schiano told a sobbing Sierra Clark in court this morning.

Clark’s lawyer added that her client has an IQ of 72 and has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

"She knows what she did was wrong and admits it," Clark's attorney said. "He (Ronald Clark) picked her because she's a little girl. He picked her because her intellect is low." reported that, through her tears, the mother said she was sorry in court today for holding her two daughters down while they were raped by her husband. Clark had already pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree rape, and was given 15 years for each count, which will run concurrently. Check out the video accompanying this article for remarks from the courtroom during today’s sentencing.

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