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Mom accused of raping her three young children while other adults paid to watch

In addition to the rapes of her two 3-year-old daughters and 8-year-old son, the meth-using mother allegedly beat and starved her children on a regular basis.
In addition to the rapes of her two 3-year-old daughters and 8-year-old son, the meth-using mother allegedly beat and starved her children on a regular basis.
Beckham County Court

Natalie Lynn Webb, a thirty-year-old mother of four young children from Elk City, Okla., was scheduled to appear in a Beckham County courtroom on Jan. 6 for a preliminary hearing, after being accused of sexually abusing her children while other adults watched.

Police say that Webb raped three of her four children from Dec. 2012 through March 2013, according to an article updated today by The Huffington Post.

Graphic court documents which include interviews from Webb and her children, detail the horrific instances of “repeated rapes, beatings and deplorable living conditions.”

In one excerpt:

Webb's 9-year-old son told investigators that his 8-year-old brother and two 3-year-old sisters were repeatedly raped by their mother as other men and women looked on.

The son described how his sisters would try to resist being dragged into a raping room by their mother, followed by sounds of the two three-year-olds crying and screaming. According to police, the son said that his mother employed a “foreign object” during the sessions of molestation, and that “people may have paid his mother to watch the abuse.”

One of the three-year olds was able to corroborate her brother’s story, adding that being sexually abused by her mother felt “nasty.”

The nine-year-old son told police that his mother also molested his eight-year-old brother, and added that he was able to avoid being abused himself only by running away and hiding in a dumpster.

The mother confessed to police that she was a meth user, dealt methamphetamines out of her family home, and “sometimes traded her food stamps for meth.” Webb’s nine-year-old son told police that he could recall seeing needles in the house.

"[The child] said these things would happen lots of times. He thinks when mom took the needles it would make her act different ... she would act weird and... her arm would have little dots where it was bleeding," the affidavit says.

And as if allegations of sexual abuse weren’t bad enough, the kids also told authorities that they were routinely beaten, repeatedly thrown up against walls “over and over again,” and starved.

"[The 9-year-old] said his mom would not feed them and he would have to find stuff and cook it in the microwave or pop tarts and stuff," the affidavit reads.

"If there was nothing [the children] would just scavenge the floor. On the floor they would find crumbs or cookies that were there from a week ago."

Although Webb adamantly denied to police that she sexually molested her children, she failed a polygraph test when questioned about the rapes.

Natalie Lynn Webb has a history of previous felony convictions for child endangerment and drug possession, plus “misdemeanor convictions of unlawful possession of paraphernalia, bogus checks and unauthorized use of a credit card.”

Webb, whose four children now live with their grandparents, is being held on a $2 million bond.

Natalie Webb was charged with the sexual abuse of children under 12, and child neglect. No-one can explain why she’s smiling so eerily in her mugshot.

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