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Moki in business with PayAnywhere

Moki in business with PayAnywhere
Moki in business with PayAnywhere

Moki, one of the top names in mobile app security and operations, is making major moves in the world of mobile payments (something that mobile advertisers want to see more of as the growth of mobile commerce is critical to their long-term aims).

Moki announced Tuesday that it has partnered with North American Bancard to secure and manage its mobile point-of-sales solutions for in-store payment processing.

According to details shared with Examiner, NAB is delivering its new mobile payment platform, PayAnywhere Storefront, on custom-built in-store kiosks controlled by Moki’s Launcher.

PayAnywhere, the company says, provides the usability and low operating costs to brick-and-mortar businesses previously available only through mobile payment apps. The result is a more “intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly” way to process in-store payments, while also securely minimizing hardware and processing costs.

The payment solution uses a purpose-built Android device to create a custom merchant experience.

“We needed to create a mobile point-of-sale solution that kept costs to our customers at a minimum while creating a secure and merchant-friendly experience,” explains Tracy Metzger, Chief Information Security Officer at North American Bancard. “By integrating Moki’s Launcher into our PayAnywhere Storefront solution, we were able to do just that."