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Modern Male Movement Radio gains Gigolo

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L.A. Talk Radio now has a tour de force on Channel 1 Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. PST (10:00 p.m. CST). As if host Jerod Zavistoski wasn’t enough, the author of international bestseller Methodology of the Modern Male, motivational speaker, and dating coach partnered up with Showtime’s Gigolos own Nick Hawk. Hawk, who has been with Gigolos since the debut episode, is more than just a gigolo. He’s a businessman with several enterprises to include his own stripper service providing the best male strippers for high-end clientele, has his own brand of sex toys, writes and performs music, acts in movies, and now he can add talk radio host to that list. (

Nick was a guest on Modern Male Movement August 14th, 2014. The next week, he co-hosted his first show with Jerod interviewing the Ex-Wives of Rock, Bobby Jean Brown, Athena Kottak, and Sharise Neil. Despite his tough guy image, Nick is very sweet and considerate. He’s been offering ‘Sexpert’ advice on his website for some time now, and anyone who has taken the time to read the answers he provides to questions knows he’s very in tune with what women both want and need. Why? Because he listens, and he observes. Many may not know, but Nick has a Bachelors degree. He majored in English.

On last week’s debut show, Hawk schooled one of the ex-wives when she asked jokingly if he’s a male prostitute. His response was simple. “I’m a companion… It’s the boyfriend experience.”

He offers the advice to be yourself, and don’t over-do it. One of the best pieces of advice for the Modern Male Movement is to compliment a woman. Not just any compliment, but a genuine compliment – something about her that you like. And don’t forget to smile. Nothing is sexier than a smile. Oh, and don’t send a woman a d***k pick unless she specifically asks for one. It’s just bad form.

You may be asking will Nick be back for the next season of Gigolos? On last Thursday’s show, he did state that he’s in talks with Showtime over the usual for a star of a hit series; payment per episode, but he’s also looking to branch out in new directions. For now, you can catch him on L.A. Talk Radio’s Modern Male Movement here.

It’s irreverent, fun, and sexy! So visit Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. PST to catch Jerod and Nick as they give unfiltered advice (yes, there’s no bleeping out of any words), and offer entertaining interviews.