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'MLB 2K13' challenges you to be perfect, with all 30 MLB teams

Over the past handful of years, the "MLB 2K" series has become synonymous with their yearly million-dollar challenge to see which gamer can throw a perfect game first.

What do you think about MLB 2K13?
What do you think about MLB 2K13?
What do you think about this year's challenge?

In an exclusive feature with 2K Sports today, they divulged all of the important details as to how "MLB 2K13's" million-dollars will be divided up differently this year.

This year's contest will award $25,000 to the top player in each of the 30 MLB teams. Get your perfect score up as high as you can and see if you can win $25,000. Heck, try and get the top score for each of the 30 teams.

The contest will conclude at the end of April, where the top perfect game scores for each team will be rewarded with the 25 grand.

"But how do I get the highest perfect game score," you ask? That depends on the pitcher you throw with, the difficulty of the offense you are facing, how many pitches you have thrown, how many strikeouts you record and the number of balls in play.

Unless there is one unbelievably talented individual who masters all 30 MLB teams, there will be plenty of folks who head into July of this year with at least $25,000 in their pocket.

Out of those people, the top four individuals will have the chance to play into July for a quarter of a million dollars.

From there, it will be a semi-final, bracket style tournament that determines who wins the final $250,000.

Sounds simple, right? Well the top people who are competing for this money are folks who have been mastering the art of pitching over the past few years.

Up until now, three of the top five gamers on the "MLB 2K13" leaderboard are returning players from a year ago. You can click on the leaderboard link above to see who the leading player is for each team, their hometown, the hurler they used to complete the feat and what their perfect game score is.

The recent emphasis on pitching in "MLB 2K's" series has been a true reflection of how the game has changed since the turn of the century. No longer is baseball dominated by roided up monsters, hitting baseballs 500 feet left and right.

Today's MLB has become a pitcher's game, which is why the game series has turned to the perfect game challenges. Its pitching system reflects the dominance and emphasis that has been established by current Major League pitchers.

If you don't believe the fact that pitching has taken over the game in recent years, take a look at the masterful performance that Yu Darvish completed his first time out this year.

Darvish was only one out away from completing just the 24th perfect game in the history of baseball. Granted, it was against the minor league-like offense of the Houston Astros, it was still an impressive first appearance nonetheless.

Major League Baseball has changed, as has the "MLB 2K" series, so experience how baseball and the game's million-dollar challenge have evolved.

Think you can throw at perfect game? Give it your best shot with "MLB 2K13" and you could end up winning well over a quarter of a million dollars.


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