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Missing plane pulse signal: Break in flight 370 case? Pulse signal detected

The Malaysian Airlines' missing plane could be the pulse signal searchers have been looking for if it does belongs to the jet's black box. reports April 5 that a Chinese ship working with international searchers in finding flight MH370 that went missing on March 8, detected a "pulse signal" in the southern Indian Ocean. It wasn't a definite connection to the Malaysian jetliner's black box, however. More search efforts are underway to locate the "ping."

The search vessel, Haixun 01, deployed a black box detector that was able to pick up a signal at "37.5Hz per second at around 25 degrees south latitude and 101 degrees east longitude," according to the report, citing Xinhua. Could this be the missing plane pulse signal everyone has been desperately hoping for?

Beacons in the black boxes last only one month. Time is of the essence in this international search that has baffled leading officials and the world. Once the battery dies in the black box, the missing plane pulse signal will not be detected even if searchers are near the object. Relatives of flight 370 passengers are clinging onto a fading hope at this point.

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