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Missing nursing student: Suspect arrested, missing student likely murdered

The arrest of a suspect in a three-year-old missing nursing student case was filed Wednesday. ABC News reported March 5 that Zachary Rye Adams was arrested on aggravated kidnapping and felony murder charges of Holly Bobo. He is being held without bond.

"We believe we can prove she was taken forcefully from her home without her consent," an official said. "We also feel she was killed in the perpetration of the kidnapping, thus we have a charge of felony murder."

Law enforcement is not ruling out another suspect in this missing nursing student's disappearance. It is unknown if Bobo's remains have been found or if there are any, according to the report.

A few weeks ago Adams' property was searched by an investigation team in Holladay, Tenn. It is about 15 miles north from where Bobo was last seen. Ironically, Adams was arrested last week for aggravated assault charges in another case.

In April 2011, Holly Bobo was dragged into the woods near her home by a man wearing camouflage clothing. Her brother, Clint, claimed to have witnessed the kidnapping. He told authorities that he mistakenly thought the man was her boyfriend.

Did Zachary Rye Adams kidnap and murder Holly Bobo? It would be a tragic end to this missing nursing student story.

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