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Missing jet black box: Malaysia flight search heads under water

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With the missing jet’s black box likely dead, the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight now turns under water with a probe that creates pictures from the reflections of sound, CNN reported on April 14.

While the missing jet’s black box hasn’t given off any detectable pings in six days, authorities haven’t given up hope of finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished March 8 with 239 people on board while en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing.

Officials desperately want to find the black box of the missing jet, as that is what may finally unravel the mystery of the missing Malaysian flight nearly 40 days into the tragedy, Fox News noted.

On Monday, an underwater vehicle called the Bluefin-21 was to be deployed about 5 p.m. Perth time (5 a.m. ET) Monday, the U.S. Navy said, in an effort to find the missing jet’s black box. The Bluefin-21 is owned by the U.S. Navy.

In its search for the missing jet’s black box, the Bluefin-21 will use side-scan sonar, an acoustic technology that creates pictures from the reflections of sound rather than light.

On Sunday, the search for Flight 370 and the missing jet’s black box broadened as the pings went silent, with more than two dozen ships and aircraft scouring the southern Indian Ocean for signs of debris, USA Today reported. The missing jet search area has expanded to 22,200 square miles about 1,400 miles northwest of Perth, Australia.

The missing jet search is already the costliest in aviation history.

Search officials cautioned against too much hope that the missing jet and its black box will ever be found, even using the underwater vehicle Bluefin-21. The Bluefin-21 will apparently be sent on several deployments in the missing jet search.

It will take the Bluefin-21 about two hours to reach the bottom of the search area in the Indian Ocean. The vehicle will search the ocean bed for 16 hours, then surface. Data will be downloaded and analyzed. The Bluefin-21 will repeat that mission several times. It could take from six to eight weeks for the Bluefin-21 to scan the entire search area for the missing jet’s black box.