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Minnesota town's newest mayor is a Great Pyrenees dog named Duke

In this midterm election year, people are no doubt already growing sick of all the political ads and such leading up to November. Here’s a story about a political candidate who, although he did not give any stump speeches, is surely one that a lot of people can get behind (unless you’re a cat person).

The town of Cormorant, Minnesota, a tiny village of 12 people located about 200 miles northwest of Minneapolis, recently held an election to determine who will be the honorary mayor for the next year. Everyone paid a dollar to cast their votes and in a victory described as a “landslide,” the title was handed to Duke, a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees. Before you worry whether his youth will influence his policymaking, remember that he’s 49 in dog years (the U.S. Congress’ median age clocks in at the upper 50s).

Following his victory, the mayor-elect reportedly received five hours of grooming and emerged looking quite dapper in his new mayoral sash and top hat. Duke is known throughout the town for stopping by the local pub for burgers and fries, according to resident Tricia Maloney, and has also built his reputation by helping slow down cars buzzing through town.

If this story sounds even a little bit familiar, it’s probably because you heard about Bobby Tufts, a 5-year-old fellow Minnesotan who was recently unseated from his post after a two-year term in his town. Tufts hails from Dorset, Minnesota, which elects a new honorary mayor every summer in pretty much the exact same fashion as Cormorant. The adorable little boy first won in 2012 at the tender age of three and “re-elected” last year but on Aug. 3 a 16-year-old was picked in the drawing and will serve as mayor of Dorset for the next year.

As for Duke, ABC 5 notes on Wednesday that he will be inaugurated and officially begin his term this weekend. In lieu of a mayoral salary, Tuffy’s Pet Food from nearby Perham will donate a year’s supply of kibble as compensation.

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