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Mini-tsunamis slam world's coastlines: Bizarre wave hits Odessa beach in Ukraine

Mini-tsunamis are striking coastlines of the world with a vengeance, and with increasing frequency. There were two in June within days of each other. On Friday, Jun 27 around 1 p.m. local time, a mini-tsunami hit the coast of Odessa, Ukraine. The huge wave took beach goers by surprise, wreaking havoc on Odessa's Witted Beach, and sending surprised beach goers scrambling for safety.

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The mini-tsunami crested at 10 ft. (3 meters) in height as it as it approached and flooded the beach. Close Circuit TV (CCTV) footage shows the huge wave approaching and enveloping the beach, as people scramble to grab their belongings and flee.

Maya Grin'ko, Assistant Chief of the Main Department of State of Emergency Situations in Ukraine, said the local emergency department has formed an inquiry committee to investigate the cause of this mysterious mini-tsunami.

A week or so earlier, on Sunday, Jun 15, around 8:30 local time (0630 UTC) a mini-tsunami hit Vela Luka and several other Croatian coastlines along the Adriatic Sea, where in some places, sea levels rose more than 6 ft. (2 meters). This phenomenon lasted for about 3 hours.

The following is a sampling "mini-tsunamis" around the world:

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