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Mini-tsunami swamps Vela Luka and other Croatian coastal cities Jun 15

Mini-tsunamis added to new normal earth changes
Mini-tsunamis added to new normal earth changes
Darko Dragojevic

Mini-tsunamis are moving up on the earth change disaster scale. In fact, two of them have occurred in just a little over two weeks--in Croatia and Ukraine.

Mini-tsunamis worldwide on the increase
Darko Dragojevic
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A mini-tsunami was observed in Vela Luka and several other Croatian cities along the Adriatic coast on Saturday, Jun 15. In some places sea levels rose as much as 6.5 ft. (2 meters).

Darko Dragojević, a member of independent Croatian meteorological organization Crometeo, observed and reported on the event in Vela Luka. Sea levels rose sharply around 08:30 local time (0630 UTC). The unusual phenomenon lasted for about 3 hours. The Croatian mini-tsunami was also observed in Stari Grad (Hvar) and Rijeka Dubrovačka. Darko Dragojević, Crometeo, supplied the pictures.

The term "mini-tsunami" best describes these abnormal waves, that is, waves caused by sea oscillation as a tectonic plates shift and move (rise/fall). Mini-tsunamis generate much less energy than seismic tsunamis (tsunamis created by undersea landslides or earthquakes), which is why they are always local.

Fortunately, sea water did not enter nearby houses, but several boats were damaged. If the mini-tsunami had happened at night instead of in the morning, the damage could have been worse. As soon as residents realized what was happening, they reacted quickly, seeking higher ground.

These mini-tsunamis are not rare,isolated incidents. They are happening with more and more frequency. Time to connect the tsunami dots, and then answer this question: Why this is happening now?

Sampling of "mini-tsunamis" around the world: