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'Minecraft: Xbox 360/PS3 Edition' TU14 details revealed, Adventure mode coming

Minecraft Desert Temple
Minecraft Desert Temple
Desert Temples and more are coming with Minecraft TU14 for the Xbox 360 and PC. (Minecraftwiki)

4J Studios continues to give slow roll updates on the status of Title Update 14 (TU14) for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. However, the latest update Monday provides details on the feature set that will be added to open-world sandbox title for not just the Xbox 360 but the PS3 as well.

"TU14 is in development. It'll be based on the Java 1.3.1 version, with a few things brought forward from later versions," 4J Studios announced on Twitter.

Minecraft 1.3.1 for the PC added several new features including the Adventure mode though it is currently unclear on how this will work on the console version of the game. There's also trading with villagers, adding the ability to write in books with the new Pen and Quill items plus improved enchanting and experience collection.

World generation will also change as desert temples, desert villages, jungle temples and Emerald Ore blocks are all added. Emerald Ore is needed to make Emeralds which can then be traded with villagers.

Due to the limited map sizes present on the PS3 and Xbox 360, it is unclear if the biome sizes will be increased in TU14 like they were in 1.3.1.

For a long and exhaustive list of what was added to Minecraft 1.3.1 on the PC, please check out the always excellent Minecraftwiki.

There is still no release date on when TU14 might be released for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition or Minecraft: PS3 Edition. The PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita versions of Minecraft are still in development with no hint at a release date either.

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