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'Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition' TU12 requiring lots of codes changes

Don't expect TU12 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition soon.
Don't expect TU12 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition soon.
4J Studios, Mojang

The wait for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 12 continues as 4J Studios provided news on Friday the current status of release. In short, don't get your hopes up on seeing TU12 released to Xbox LIVE anytime soon.

"We're still working on TU12," 4J Studios wrote on Twitter. "[T]here are lots of software architecture changes needed for this update. Thanks for your continued patience."

In other words, "Lots of changes in the way the code works underneath the game."

So what could be behind the changes? Quite a bit actually. The developer previously confirmed that TU12 would bring the Anvil map format into the game which increases the maximum world height from 128 blocks to 256. When the PC version of the game was updated to the Anvil map format, users were required to convert their existing worlds. It is possible that the developers are having to build this as well.

It also announced that texture pack support is coming to the game though there has been no announcement on exactly how this will work yet. There's also other changes coming forward like AI updates to mobs, the Jungle biome, ocelots, cats, Iron Golems and more.

It's not a simple port for 4J Studios to bring what is in the PC version of Minecraft over to the Xbox 360 as it requires rewriting the original Java code in C++ as well as inserting some unique code.

The best case scenario right now for Title Update 12 to be released to the Xbox 360 is late July as the update will have to go through at least a week of Microsoft certification. It could easily slip to August.

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