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'Minecraft' to receive entire line of LEGO minifig sets

At Minecon Saturday, LEGO announced that it creating a new line of Minecraft sets made in the traditional minifigure scale and they are looking for help from fans with the creations.

Images of the LEGO Minecraft minifig building sets.
Images of the LEGO Minecraft minifig building sets.

Minecraft has already has a successful run with three LEGO Cuusoo Minecraft micro world building sets - The Forest, The Village and The Nether. Since the two popular properties are a natural fit together and the micro world sets have sold well, LEGO is now developing a line of minifig scale building sets.

In the announcement video released today, LEGO representatives showed off various playsets currently under construction such as trees, Creepers, villages, cows, tree houses and, yes, Steve.

LEGO is asking for help with the creation of the Minecraft sets by going to the official LEGO Minecraft Facebook page and posting feedback as part of the LEGO Minecraft Cobuild initiative. The first feedback requested is on different prototypes of the Creeper. Pick out the best one in your opinion and let the designers know why.

No release date has been announced yet the LEGO Minecraft minifig sets.

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