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'Minecraft: PS3 Edition' gets patch for bugs, more bug fixes incoming

Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition
Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition
The PS3 version of Minecraft has some bugs that the developer is squashing. (4J Studios)

Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition was finally released Tuesday but it did come with some bugs. The 1.01 patch was quickly released to address some lingering issues but 4J Studios is already gathering a list of additional bugs to be fixed in the next update.

The 1.01 patch was released Tuesday evening and is meant to fix various audio issues in Minecraft according to 4J Studios plus some other issues as well. Audio issues still appear to persist as users at the Minecraft Forum report that sounds are not as loud as in other versions of the games, some sound effects play twice and the pitch of the game's music is too high as well.

Other issues that 4J Studios has confirmed that it is looking into include connection issues caused by invite only games, voice chat not working consistently and trophies not being earned while playing the game in local split-screen.

There's no word on when the next patch will be released but it sounds like it will be within the next week or two given the urgency of some of the issues such as voice chat and trying to join multiplayer games.

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