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'Minecraft' player builds chicken farm of PETA's nightmares with snapshot

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Mojang released the first snapshot of the Redstone Update for "Minecraft" on the PC late this past week and inventive players have already come up with creative automated contraptions. Take this automated chicken farm shared by Reddit user "smellystring" on Friday, for example.

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Smellystring put together a contraption that holds chicken in a pen with water at the bottom. When the chickens lay eggs, they are washed to the center of the tank where a hopper drops them into a minecart holding a chest.

From there, the chicken farm has three modes of operations. The eggs can be collected in a main chest for later use or they can be sent back to the pen where they will hatch and increase the chicken population. The last mode drops the eggs in a separate pen where they hatch and grow into adult chickens. A daylight sensor is then used to trigger a device that crushes the chickens for the meat and feathers every day at noon. The chicken meat and feathers are then stored in a chest for later use.

The automated chicken farm was built using the Redstone Block, Comparator Block and Daylight Sensor that were added in the "Minecraft" 13w01a snapshot. The Comparator Block allowed smellystring to put together the required Redstone control circuitry with "2 latches, a few NOT gates and a few OR gates."

"Minecraft" players are known for their building ingenuity and creativity. If this was put together in a little over a day in a limited release, it should be interesting to see what will happen when the full Redstone Update is released to everyone later this month or in early February.

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Via: Reddit