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'Minecraft' players create working 8-bit computer in game (Photos)

Screenshots of the 8-bit computer created in Minecraft by sondre99v and Azziz777.
Screenshots of the 8-bit computer created in Minecraft by sondre99v and Azziz777.
Reddit users sondre99v and Azzi777

A pair of "Minecraft" players showed off their ingenuity Saturday with a working 8-bit computer created inside the popular PC game with Redstone.

Reddit users "sondre99v" and "Azzi777" initially teamed up to make an in-game display which evolved into the 8-bit CPU. "We wanted to find a volume-efficient way to make a 7-segment display with decoder and MUX, and then it just sorta grew from there," Azzi777 explained.

The still in work 8-bit Redstone computer features 16 bytes of RAM and will run simple programs despite lacking an Arithemetic Logic Unit (ALU). It does require some manipulating with storing and loading information to and from memory though.

If you're ready for some truly over your head stuff, Azzi777 got technical while explaining how the CPU works.

We're using a 6-bit instruction set:

00xxxx -> acc[0-3] = xxxx
01xxxx -> addr = xxxx
10xxxx -> out[xxxx] = acc
11xxxx -> acc = in[xxxx]

Where most operations are centered around the accumulator.

The first opcode (00) sets the four low bits of the accumulator to xxxx. The second opcode (01) sets the current memory address to xxxx. The third (10) performs an output operation through port xxxx, and the fourth performs an input operation using port xxxx.

Output operations can be things like writing to the display, writing to memory, jumping to a line in the program and so on. Input operations are typically ALU operations, reading memory or user input.

Here's the current list of out/in-operations. Will be subject to change, as we're kind of making the design up as we go.

out: 0000 -> display
0001 -> set ALU operation
0010 -> write memory
0011 -> jump to line
0100 -> set aux_acc

0000 -> use ALU operation
0001 -> user input
0010 -> read memory
0011 -> shift acc 4 right
0100 -> shift acc 4 left
0101 -> inc acc
0110 -> dec acc ALU

00000000 -> add
00000001 -> sub
00000010 -> mul
00000011 -> div
00000100 -> shl
00000101 -> shr
00000110 -> inc
00000111 -> dec

"Minecraft" users continue to craft many creative, amazing and wild things in the game but we think Reddit user "14smoore" came up with the perfect response to this creation when he said, "I made a door once."

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