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'Minecraft' PC snapshot previews horses and new launcher, undead horses spotted

Screenshots of the horses, undead horses, hay, leashes and other items in the Minecraft PC 13w16a snapshot.
Screenshots of the horses, undead horses, hay, leashes and other items in the Minecraft PC 13w16a snapshot.
Mojang, Reddit

Mojang released its first snapshot Thursday for Minecraft on the PC since the 1.5 Redstone update was released in March. This newest snapshot lets players test out the new horse mob as well as the new game launcher. However, it turns out there is much more in this snapshot than the developers officially announced.

Horses based on the work of John Olarte's Mo’ Creatures fame are now part of Minecraft including horses of a different colors. Fans in the Minecraft Reddit group have already found additional mobs based on the horse. This includes a donkey, a zombie horse and a skeleton horse.

These additional mobs are currently only available by playing the with the game files but portends that enemy mobs will be riding horses as well.

Mojang has added hay bales as a new block type to feed the horses as well as the ability to craft horse armor and leashes. The leashes can be used to bind mobs such as horses or wolves to fences and posts.

Also included with this snapshot is the idea of regional difficulty that Mojang's Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams previously teased. This essentially makes one region of the game more difficult the longer you stay in it. This is done by changing mob AI and the increasing their chance to get enchanted weapons or armor.

The Minecraft 13w16a snapshot is available to download from Mojang's website now. It is suggested that only experienced users give snapshots a try as there is a danger of game save data becoming corrupted.

You can find the complete changelog for the 13w16a snapshot below.

- Added hay bales

  • Can be placed in all orientations

- Added horses

  • Ridable by right-clicking them - Hold the jump key to fill up their jump bar, release it to jump accordingly, steer them by using the usual movement keys - maximum movement speed and jump height differ between horses
  • Have various amounts of maximum health, via - Use wheat to heal them
  • Drop leather when killed
  • Can be bred using wheat - Baby horses can be grown using apples, golden apples and wheat
  • Players can make them jump
  • Creation assisted by DrZhark

- Added mules

  • Like horses, but can carry chests on their saddles

- Horse saddles

  • Stack to 32

- Horse armor

  • Exists in diamond, gold & iron variants
  • Crafting recipes

- Leashes

  • Can be used to bind mobs to fences or lead them around
  • Right click mob first, then right-click fence or right-click the mob again to get the leash back

- Carpets

- When riding something, like a mob or a boat, dismounting is only possible using the left shift key now
- Improved Respiration enchant

  • Now also helps seeing underwater

- Changed the idea of mob difficulty

  • Regional difficulty: The longer you spend in one area, the harder it gets - scales with difficulty - Items, enchants or AI improve with difficulty

- Fixed some bugs

  • Fixed anvils charging level for nothing when using languages other than English
  • Fixed endermen becoming hostile when taking environmental damage

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