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'Minecraft' makes $1,200 'Jeopardy' appearance

Venerable NBC quiz show "Jeopardy" had a special appearance Tuesday from the popular PC, Xbox 360 and mobile game "Minecraft". Does this mean Mojang's indie title has fully entered pop culture status?

We'll take Minecraft for $1,200 Alex.

"Minecraft" was a $1,200 clue in as part of the "Jeopardy" teen tournament quarterfinals that aired on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Host Alex Trebek used the clue, "Watch out for night monsters as you build your own 3D online world using this game" to introduce a video of the game.

Contestant Emily Greenberg of Westport, CT did not even blink as she buzzed in with the correct answer of "Minecraft".

"Minecraft" first hit the gaming scene in 2009 as an alpha release from Swedish developer Markus "Notch" Persson. It quickly grew in popularity before the official release of the game in November 2011 followed alongside a iOS and Android release and then an Xbox 360 version in March 2012. It's sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and generated millions of dollar's for Persson's independent game development studio, Mojang.

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Via: Reddit