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‘Minecraft’ developer continues to fix bugs ahead of Xbox One, PS4 release

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Gamers will be playing new versions of 4J Studios’ console Minecraft ports later this month if everything goes as planned. At the current time, all three new editions of the creative building game are still expected to launch in August for the Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita. In fact, the developer has taken the time yet again to provide players with an update on the upcoming titles. According to a report by Kpopstarz on Aug. 5, 4J Studios recently reiterated to fans that they are currently in the final stages of development while they prepare for certification testing.

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The team behind every console version of Minecraft to date also verified that the only thing that remains to be done to complete the new editions of the game is to continue making a final pass to check for bugs. After all known issues have been fixed, 4J Studios says that all versions will immediately be sent to Microsoft and Sony to begin the cert test process.

In addition to the developer’s continued updates to confirm that work on Minecraft’s Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita editions are still on track to release on time, new evidence has surfaced to suggest that the titles will become available in August. A leaked retailer listing from earlier this week hinted that the new games will launch this month as scheduled after a printout from Gamestop showed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition set for an Aug. 19 release. However, that date has not yet been confirmed.

When the new editions of Minecraft do launch, fans of the sandbox creation game will enjoy a few minor improvements over what can currently be found in the last-gen console versions of the game. Minecraft on Xbox One and Playstation 4 will feature map sizes that are said to be roughly 36 times larger than those on the Xbox 360 and PS3.