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'Minecraft' app lets you create custom skins to scan into game

57Digital Ltd released a new iPhone and iPad app Wednesday that lets Minecraft fans print out and create their own custom character skins that can then be uploaded to the PC version of the immensely popular open-world sandbox game.

The Minecraft Skin Scanner is available to purchase and download from the iTunes Store for $1.99 and let's users print out and color in Minecraft character templates. The Standard and Simplified templates are available to download from the app's official website and 57Digital recommends using felt tip markers to color them.

Once the template is filled in, open the app and use the camera on the iPhone or iPad to scan the custom skin where it can then be uploaded to or shared with 57Digital's other apps - Minecraft Skin Studio and Minecraft Papercraft Studio.

Once uploaded to, PC owners of the game can then download the skin to use with their local Minecraft game.

While the Minecraft Skin Scanner is not as powerful as digital editing tools, it does open the doors to the less technically inclined and children to get started creating their own custom Minecraft skins.

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