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'Minecraft' 1.7 update to bring double the number of biomes, sunflowers added

Clay Canyon Biome
Clay Canyon Biome

Mojang has already revealed a couple of new biomes for the PC version of Minecraft but lead developer Jens Bergensten estimated Friday that the total number of new biomes will be double what is available in the open-world sandbox game today. There's also a brand new plant coming and a new feature when falling.

Bergensten explained on Twitter that the first snapshot for the Minecraft 1.7 update isn't close to being ready yet because the new biomes aren't ready yet. When asked how many new biomes there will be, he responded by saying, "It depends on how you count. In addition to completely new ones, the old ones have new variations too. So, double?"

Depending on how you count biomes in Minecraft today, there are either 10 for the overworld biomes or 12 when the End and Nether biomes are included.

The split between completely new biomes and variations on biomes has not been announced yet but three new biomes have been announced so far. They are Clay Mountains, Redwood Forest and Cliffs.

Bergensten also showed off a brand new plant in the game, the sunflower. Aside from looking pretty, it will help player orient themselves as the flowers "typically" point to the east.

Meanwhile, developer Nathan Adams revealed the addition of particle animations when players fall and hit the ground.

Mojang has not announced a release window for when Minecraft 1.7 might be released.

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