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'Minecraft' 1.6 update will make mobs more dangerous as you camp an area

Ok, a little more dangerous than this.
Ok, a little more dangerous than this.

Mojang's Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams shared some details Wednesday on one new item he's working on for the upcoming 1.6 update to Minecraft on the PC. How does making Creepers, Zombies and Skeletons more dangerous the longer you stay in an area sound?

"One thing that I've implemented is a concept of regional difficulty. The longer you spend in one area, the harder it gets. Not balanced yet," Adams said on Twitter.

This doesn't mean that mobs will suddenly do more damage or have more health. Instead, Adams says the mobs "should have slightly tweaked behaviours or higher chance to have enchants/items or AI."

Essentially, mob stats will remain identical to what they are now in the game.

One thing not clear is Adams' definition of an area in Minecraft. Does he refer to a certain space in the game where the player tends to stay in Survival mode or does he instead mean an entire biome? The latter seems the most likely as it would be easier to code for but we will have to wait and see.

Also unknown is if the difficulty level will reset after you've left the area for a certain time period. This is something that is likely to be discovered as Mojang begins to send out Minecraft snapshots.

Those wondering about how this will affect their bases shouldn't be too worried as Adams indicates that you won't have to fear a sudden rush of a mob of Creepers. Planting light sources around the base will keep them from spawning and/or attacking the base at night just as occurs now in Minecraft.

No release date has been announced for the 1.6 update but lead developer Jens Bergensten previously said he was hoping for late May.

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