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Miley Cyrus turns Country girl at MTV ‘Unplugged’: Photos and video

Until now, when Miley Cyrus performed on stage, she was nothing more than a scantily clad spectacle. But she proved otherwise too when she crooned country versions of album hits at the MTV ‘Unplugged’ performance on January 29.

Miley Cyrus MTV ‘Unplugged’ performance
Miley Cyrus MTV ‘Unplugged’ performance

The Daily News said on January 30 that the 21-year-old made much use of her Southern roots and brought to the stage a different style and was accompanied by a piano, string instruments and a banjo. And, for a change it was her vocal talents that took center stage.

Among the songs she performed were stripped down versions of her ballads such as “Wrecking Ball”. On the podium was her Southern twang, which she maintained all through her performance. Her rendering of "auntie" Dolly Parton's "Jolene was the highlight.

Apart from these, she also belted out "Do My Thang", spruced up with some boot stomping, and she wore a blond wig plus a tight gingham outfit.

She also didn’t forget to get special guest Madonna for company on stage. A dancing horse that swayed on stage was also part of the show.