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Miley Cyrus overcame her fears, and you can too

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Don’t be afraid; stand up to your fears. Be brave; with courage you will persevere. Along your path, you will encounter a fearful task, but do not run, stand your ground and be victorious at last.

In life, the brave are rewarded with grand prizes because they have overcome their fears, and truth be told, you can too.

Miley Cyrus, an American actress and recording artist, had an awful fear of flying. But instead of running away from her fear of flying, she decided to stand up to it. With each flight taken through the friendly skies, a mustard seed of faith was gained, and Miley, now seeing the truth in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself,” has overcome her fear of flying with courage, making it possible for her to go on world tours.

But what was the first step taken that enabled Miley to confront her fear of flying? The answer — her mother’s words of wisdom.

“Why do I have an anxiety attack every time I step on an airplane,” tweeted Miley to her Twitter followers, probably before boarding an airplane. “I just gotta remember what Tish Cyrus says, ‘Angels are under the wings.’”

Miley’s mother planted a colossal seed of faith in her daughter’s brain. Imagine, every time Miley rides an airplane, she is confident that the angels, located under the wings, are guiding her plane to safety.

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