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Microsoft introduces LTE compatible Surface 2 on Tuesday

Ever since Redmond-based Microsoft introduced their Surface 2 tablet one of the big questions has been when will wet 3G & 4G support. Then in a question & answer, on Reddit, Microsoft vice president of the Surface division Panos Panay hinted at the answer to that question when he said: “Great question. We didn't talk about it today, but Surface 2 will be launching an awesome LTE SKU early next year! Nice catch on your part, no one else has asked this question...... what better way to tell people than through Reddit!!”

That hint that Mr. Panay gave us has now come to pass as it has been reported on engadget that Microsoft will release the 3G/4G version of the Surface tablet on Tuesday. The new Surface tablet will be sold on Microsoft's website and at Best Buy stores for a cost of $679 for the 64GB version. That is $130 more than the Wi-Fi only version. It may seem a big increase over the regular price but it comparable to the premium that Apple places on their iPad.

The new version of the Surface tablet was made to be compatible with AT&T's LTE (Long Term Evolution). The tablet though comes unlocked meaning that as long as you have a micro-SIM chip you aren't limit to only using AT&T. So, if you are a T-Mobile user you could put one of their SIM chips in the tablet and use that company's LTE 4 and 1900MHz 3G.

The new 3G/4G Surface tablet is the RT version only, if you want the pro you will still have to wait for sometime in the future.

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