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Mick Jagger has a right to date, weeks after L'Wren Scott's suicide, says public

Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones' concert in Oslo, Norway, on May 26, 2014
Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones' concert in Oslo, Norway, on May 26, 2014

Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger has recently been making tabloid headlines for being photographed in romantic clinches with much younger women, nearly three months after the suicide of his longtime girlfriend L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer who was Jagger's significant other since 2001. While some people, such as Scott's estranged sister Jan Shane, have spoken out and expressed disgust that Jagger is openly dating other women a few months after Scott's death, most people who are commenting on the Internet are not surprised about Jagger's dating choices and say that it is expected since he is a rock star who has a reputation for being a womanizer, even when he is in long-term relationships.

Scott was found hanged from a doorknob in her New York City apartment on March 17, 2014. At the time of her death, the Rolling Stones were in Perth, Australia, to begin the Australian/New Zealand leg of their "14 on Fire" tour. The Australian/New Zealand concerts were later rescheduled for October and November 2014. Jagger was among the approximately 60 guests who attended Scott's funeral in Los Angeles on March 25, 2014. Scott left her entire estate to Jagger in her will, according to several published reports.

A spokesperson for Jagger has denied tabloid reports that Scott and Jagger had broken up at the time of her death. There has been much speculation over why Scott committed suicide. Some of her close friends told the media that Scott was depressed because her fashion company was about to close due to serious debts. There have been conflicting reports over whether or not Jagger helped her out financially in trying to save the business.

On March 18, 2014, Jagger posted this statement on the Rolling Stones' official Facebook page: "I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way. We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves. She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me. I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received. I will never forget her. Mick"

On May 26, 2014, the Rolling Stones resumed their "14 on Fire" tour with a concert in Oslo, Norway. It was the band's first concert since Scott's death.

While the Rolling Stones were in Zurich for a concert on June 1, 2014, Jagger was photographed getting kissed on the back of his head by an unidentified young woman on the balcony of the hotel where the Stones were staying. Tabloids reported that the woman had spent the night with Jagger.

[June 16, 2014 update: The woman with Jagger on the hotel balcony has been identified as American ballerina Melanie Hamrick. Click here for more details.]

Then there was speculation that Jagger had hooked up with model Noa Tishby after she posted an Instagram photo of herself and Jagger, with Jagger's arm around her, and this accompanying message: "Thank you @mickjagger for amazing few days in Israel. Thank you for showing us all how to rock it like a legend."

These appear to be flings, and most people commenting on the Internet are not surprised that Jagger is not living a celibate lifestyle after Scott's death. Few people believe that Jagger was monogamous with Scott during their entire 13-year relationship.

Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine is among the minority of people who say they are outraged and disgusted by Jagger moving on to other women in this period of time after Scott's death. Vine said in an editorial: "It’s disrespectful to the memory of L’Wren, but also towards her family, who are still very much in the early stages of grief. And although it is true that men are usually better at overcoming grief than women, with some moving on with an alarming alacrity, such a very brief pause implies an unnatural lack of emotion.

"That said, anyone who has ever seen Sir Mick in action should not be surprised at his behaviour. He’s always been voracious when it comes to the opposite sex, and he has few moral scruples when it comes to the pleasures of the flesh. I once sat at a table in a restaurant and watched him seduce a young friend of his daughter’s over dinner. It was not an edifying spectacle. Jagger has built his success on being a cold-hearted pragmatist. He does what’s right for Jagger, and Jagger alone – leaving behind many a tear-stained pillow in the process."

Scott's sister Shane (who had not spoken to Scott since 2008 and was not invited to her funeral) commented to the New York Daily News about the pictures of Jagger in Zurich with a female companion: "These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is really thinking and feeling. His daughter says that he is still heartbroken and so devastated about losing my sister — and then you see these photos. He will never change. And people wonder why L’Wren was so depressed?”

Scott had a policy to never discuss her relationship with Jagger when she did interviews. Jagger rarely talked to the media about his relationship with Scott, and when he did, he made it clear that he does not believe in marriage anymore and he hinted that monogamy is something that he does not believe in either. The public can only speculate if Jagger and Scott had mutually consented to having an "open relationship."

Scott's refusal to talk to the media about her relationship with Jagger was a big contrast from model/actress Jerry Hall, who was Jagger's partner for 22 years and is the mother of four of his children. During and after her relationship with Jagger, Hall has frequently talked to the media about her love life with Jagger, and she has often insulted him in the press. Her 1985 memoir, "Jerry Hall's Tall Tales," also detailed their relationship at the time.

In case anyone does not know, Hall got together with Jagger in 1977, when he was still married to his first wife, Bianca. Mick and Bianca were separated but he was still legally married to Bianca until their divorce became final in 1980. Jagger and Hall broke up a few times during their 22-year relationship, but the final breakup was in 1999, when Jagger got model Luciana Morad pregnant. Morad gave birth to Jagger's son Lucas that year. Although Hall and Jagger had a marriage ceremony in Bali in 1990, Jagger claimed after his final breakup with Hall that the ceremony was not legal. The marriage was annulled during court proceedings after Hall and Jagger broke up the final time.

There are several articles and books that have documented Jagger's womanizing ways. He's been a sex symbol/rock star since the early 1960s, and most people think Jagger will never change this lifestyle as long as he is able to live it. And it goes both ways, since Jagger has no shortage of people who want to sleep with him or date him because he is a rich and famous rock star.

And finally, most people know that people grieve in different ways, and Jagger should not be judged harshly for wanting sex and companionship during this difficult time in his life. It's very possible that he might find another long-term love again. No matter what happens, the paparazzi and tabloids will be there to report his dating activities.

Here is a sampling of Internet comments about Jagger dating other women after Scott's death:

From the New York Daily News website:

"L'Wren was probably depressed over her finances and this guy's being with another woman. Personally, I would have filed for bankruptcy and dumped the old geezer."

"Me too . I notice that the current woman is kissing the gnarly old toad on the back of his head - She needs more money before smooching him on his lips , aaaargh."

"My sentiments exactly. Unless you're drunk and out of it, who would even kiss this creep?"

"She killed herself three months ago. What is he supposed to be doing? His life isn't over. Why do females not get males? Males want/need multiple sex partners. It's nature. What you want is unnatural: security & ownership. You want to own your man. Bravo, Mick. Go for it!"

"Mick is single, he's rich, he can do what he wants. Does the sister expect him to mope around for a year without a companion?"

"Exactly. And at his age a year is too long to wait :)"

"As a woman, I truly don't understand the contempt and outrage here... He's Mick Jagger. It's the same thing as being involved with any other athlete, musician, actor etc etc. If you truly expect them to be 100% faithful you're completely fooling yourself. There's no way I'd enter in a relationship with anyone who has that amount of wealth, fame, power, opportunity etc and NOT expect them to cheat on me. And that goes for women just as much as it goes for men. If you knew he was not faithful when his girlfriend was alive, why the hell would you expect him to be celibate several months AFTER she died?? These people lead different lives than most people do and I'm sure there's a few out in that world that are faithful, respectful people but if you don't assume that life comes with a price you're just fooling yourself!"

"Geez Louise - This is Mick Jagger. What does her family expect? He is who is is and always was. Move on."

"How long should someone wait before you grant them permission to move on with their life, Your Majesty?"

"Hmmm, maybe longer than a week for each of the 13 years they were together although the dried up, old tool probably never had any respect of her to begin with."

"The dude is still a rock star, what is he supposed to do now that she is gone? I mean she pulled the plug on her own life which to me is a terrible thing to do to yourself and to the ones who love you. Especially if it was mostly about money. But in no way should he stop enjoying his life, let him get some satisfaction."

"Newsflash! Certain individuals are shocked to discover that Mick Jagger is . . . Mick Jagger."

"Sorry for L'Wren's fam but it's just Mick being Mick."

"Oh please. Is he supposed to be a monk for the rest of his life?"

"I don't know what Shane is talking about, her sister L'Wren didn't even like her. That's why L'Wren never went back home to Utah to see her and the family. Mick is supposed to move on with his life. You don't know what kind of relationship Mick and L'Wren had. She was with him, not you. Mind your business. L'Wren could have moved on with her life but she didn't."

"Ah, the bitter 'in-law' outcast. The only thing worse is the bitter stepsister or stepbrother. Who cares what she thinks? Nobody liked her when Mick was with L'Wren and probably nobody likes her now. It sounds like she was hoping to get some money out of Mick and L'Wren's relationship. Oh well, too bad. As for Jagger, why does he have to change? What a great life. I'm sure he informs the women ahead of time that he's not the marrying kind. And, I'm certain any woman who he 'sees' is fully aware of the kind of relationship in which she's becoming involved. Jagger is the coolest."

"I feel for LWren's sister but she is completely wrong for blaming Mick for her sisters depression and for judging him for moving on. He is allowed to move on at his own pace and in a manner best suited for him. Her sister does not have to like it or agree with it but it is not her place to judge him on how he grieves or not. She was not involved in their relationship. We all know Mick is not a saint and if they knew Mick was a womanizer, why would she think he would suddenly change?"

"I agree, not like they were married. If I was him I would have mourned a week maybe two. At his age can't cry forever, get them young girls, Go Mick."

"What a dirty old Grandpa ! That young thing had to work real hard to get 'Grand Pa' off ! WOW What the heck was She thinking ? That wrinkled, skinny ,ugly Troll's Girlfriend has been in the ground less than 6 Month's and he is diddeling little Girl's already ! I remember the headline's 'MICK JAGGER " DEVISTATED' over his Girlfriend's Death ! I guess 'Poetic Licence' is the term used by the Reporter ! What a Satyre !"

"Mick, you old dog. That crazy broad with the dumb name is barely cold."

"Let him bang who ever he wants, he's about as faithful as a dog in heat at a kennel...but that chick is waaaay younger than his kids! THAT'S the creepy part. Can you say, 'where's my little blue pills?' LMAO!"

"NO, he'll never change but it's been THREE months! Everyone has their own way and timetable for grieving. Life goes on."

From the Daily Mail's website:

"What's wrong with wanting to be with a younger woman? Anyway, who are you to decide someone is too old for anything. You might be lucky enough to be old......"

"I've never found him attractive - even when he was young - these days money and fame can buy you anything - apart from the respect of intelligent thinking members of the public. I just wish he would retire - his music is archaic and his ego has become boring."

"Surely geriatric Jagger should not be the butt of all your bile. What about this silly young woman who, like you say, looks like a carer in a nursing home? It does not take imagination to understand the attraction of multi-millionaire Jagger to her. But you would think she would be a little more discreet instead of opening herself to ridicule."

"I am always surprised and astonished that people men and women appear upset and distraught when a partner dies and within a short period of time they are with someone new ! Not just celebs but anyone - I do think there are some people who genuinely cannot be alone or single but it makes me wonder how genuine and sincere they are to begin with."

"Celebs, stars - call 'em what you like. most (very few of them) are incapable of truly loving anyone truly. they only ever love themselves."

"Mick will meet LWren again! But he may not like it when he does. He is one ugly dude!"

"Do we even know if this is a lover? Both of them are clothed, they aren't exactly kissing either. If people are that outraged they wouldn't write stories based on pictures like this and print them, allowing those close to L'Wren Scott to see them. Journalists need to know the difference between reporting the facts and adding to someone's existing grief."

"Don't know what his message was but he sat on the balcony intending to be seen."

"So he is supposed to sit indoors 24/7? He is too old to change his ways."

"I wonder what she sees in multi millionaire Mick Jagger?"

"I really hope L'Wren didn't kill herself over Mick. Less than 3 months after his partner's suicide and he's back on tour, and with a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. As I've posted elsewhere on this website, he has all the emotional depth of a puddle."

"Mick is too old to live his life any other way than the way he wants to. Time is a precious commodity and best of luck to you if you only live your life to what others deem acceptable...!!!"

"People like him disgust me, older women to him are invisible. I am neither old or a woman but how must his behavour make women feel. Grow up Mick."

"Leopard never changes his spots and Jagger has always been Jagger first, second and last. No surprise there."

"Granted he is a pratt and it does give me a laugh that he appears to believe his own hype that he is attractive(sexually) - it is the wallet and nothing else that is the magnet - you silly scraggy old man!"

"Well I'm not too old and I'm 77. Mick is merely gathering ye rosebuds whilst he may. No one is qualified to make personal remarks unless they know the facts."

"There's a big difference between parading someone in public and one of your photographers taking long range photos of them while they sit on a balcony. However you think he should be living his life, it is exactly that, his life, so leave him alone."

"He is a single man witha consenting adult female. What is the problem? Yes his partner has died but he can move on. Everyone responds in different ways."

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