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Michigan man and his dog rescue abandoned newborn

A Michigan man who was walking his dog on Monday morning stumbled upon a very big surprise, a newborn baby girl who was abandoned on the side of the road. Jeff Kopp discovered the infant on the side of dirt road at around 10:30 am, he told local news reporters that he doesn't normally walk down that road, but this particular morning his dog Bobby was on a mission. Bobby pulled him down the road to where they found the baby who is now recovering in a Fremont area hospital.

newborn rescued
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Kopp mentioned that he didn't know exactly what it was at first and that he thought it was a rabbit. Kopp's daughter, Cathleen Neal, said the baby was lying in the fetal position on her side and had leaves sticking to her face. Neal recounts that they were very worried about her exposure to the chilly morning temperature. Once Neal wrapped the infant in a towel and picked her up she started to cry and the family knew she was going to be okay.

When paramedics arrived the newborn was conscious and responsive, the paramedics noted she had some bruises and scrapes and that the baby's umbilical cord was still attached. After the child was taken to the hospital local authorities were able to find the child's mother later that day. The mother's identity is not being released, though neighbors believe her to be a young teenager from the area. The mother was immediately taken to the hospital for evaluation though it is unknown if she was taken to the same hospital as her baby.

The baby's father was also identified on Tuesday and Child Protective Services will determine what will happen to the baby once she is released from the hospital. Criminal charges, if any, have not yet been filed against the mother. Authorities are taking this incident as an opportunity to better educate the community of the “safe haven” law which allows anyone to anonymously surrender a child within 72 hours of birth to any Emergency Service Provider such as a hospital, fire or police station. Michigan is one of several states to enforce this law.

As for Kopp, he believes it was an act of God that his dog led him right to the baby, saying “I feel that we were led to that place because it was out of the ordinary for me to come in this direction. I tend to think it was God that led us this way, that all life is precious to Him.”

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