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Miami Center of PACE opens

A new Miami Center of the PACE Center for Girls opened on March 7.

The Florida Families First Budget invested more than $600,000 in more PACE funding to help in establishing the Center in Miami which will provide 50 more girls the opportunity to be involved in the program. PACE is dedicated to helping girls stay out of legal trouble and to being more successful in school, according to a released dated March 7 by the Office of Governor Rick Scott.

In the release, Governor Rick Scott was quoted as saying, “This $600,000 investment in a new PACE Center for Girls will allow more young women the opportunity to participate in a program that continues their academic education and provides counseling, career preparation, and service learning opportunities that will set them on a path to successful adulthood,” said Governor Scott.

Many educators believe that if young people can avoid trouble and focus on school and academic success early in life, they will have far more successful life experiences as adults. Too many young people struggle in school, get frustrated, drop out and stumble in problems both on the job and in their personal lives as young adults.

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