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MH370 latest news: More on oil slick in Malaysia Airlines flight 370

In flight MH370 latest news, more was learned about the oil slick and debris found that was believed to be evidence of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. ABC News reported via Yahoo! News March 10 that samples of the oil slick show it was not linked with the jetliner that disappeared Sunday morning. The slick was 12 miles long on Gulf of Thailand waters where the plane would have traveled to Beijing.

What appeared to be an orange life raft spotted Monday morning by Vietnam's National Committee for Search and Rescue, had nothing to with the plane. It turned out to be a circular side cover of an industrial cable. Another item was seen Sunday, but that also was unconnected to flight 370.

Nothing is being ruled out at this point regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. No answers have emerged, but the main focus of flight 370 seems to be hijacking. Four passports were falsely in the hands of suspicious passengers who boarded the plane. One of the false identities was an Italian and another was an Austrian. Nationalities of the other two are not known yet.

“We are looking at every angle. We are looking at every aspect of what could have happened,” said Malaysia Civil Aviation Chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman.

In other flight MH370 latest news, crews continue searching for any clue in the plane's disappearance. The aircraft departed Kuala Lumpur Sunday and went missing from radar communication two hours into the flight. So far no trace of anything has led to what may have happened to the Malaysia Airlines plane. It is even possible that the plane may disintegrated in an explosion.

239 people were aboard the jetliner. Relatives of those passengers have been told to brace themselves for the worst.

This type of mystery is extremely alarming. To think that a plane of that size with so many people are nowhere to be found in any way boggles the mind. Usually an explosion leaves some kind of debris in its wake. As flight MH370 latest news develops, everyone hopes for an explanation in this senseless ordeal.

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