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Mexican train, The Beast, headed for USA with 1,300 illegal immigrants derails

More than 1,300 illegal immigrants were riding on top of a trail that derailed as it was headed for Texas from Mexico on Wednesday. In this particular incident, none of the illegal immigrants were hurt, but that has not always been the case on this train which is commonly referred to as the “train of death,” according to an Inquisitr report on Wednesday. Reportedly, the train is a cargo train and it was transporting Central Americans and Mexican adults and children in an effort to enter the United States illegally.

The Beast, a train headed from Mexico to the United States with some 1,300 illegal immigrants derailed on June 10, 2014, in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Fox News-TV screenshot

After entering the United States illegally, they would have surrendered themselves to Border Patrol agents. The cargo train fell of the tracks in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca on Wednesday. It is said that the trains travel through rural areas with rugged terrain. The train used by many illegal immigrants is also referred to as “La Bestia” or, in English, “The Beast.” Heavy rain in the area where it derailed is being given as the reason for the train’s derailment. From the derailment location, many of the persons who wanted to cross over into Texas illegally had to continue their journey on foot, according to the Huffington Post.

More than 50,000 illegal immigrant children have already surrendered to Border Patrol agents in 2014. Some 65,000 minors who were at the border without adults needed housing and care in January. As current media dictates, many Americans including politicians in Washington, D.C., believe that President Barack Obama and his administration should have done more to secure the border to avoid the present problem that is seen at the nation’s southern border along the Texas border line. In fact, there are many persons who believe that the Obama administration actually expected the high number of illegal immigrants that have arrived at the border, according to ABC News.

On Wednesday, Obama met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry regarding the problem at the border. Obama just happened to be in Texas for a trio of fundraisers for his fellow-Democrat politicians when Perry went public in trying to force Obama to meet with him regarding the border situation. Obama indicated that their meeting was productive while Perry did not give the same impression.

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