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Message from Beatles producer Sir George Martin to be read at Beatles tributes

The Beatles in the studio with Sir George Martin.
The Beatles in the studio with Sir George Martin.
Apple Corps Ltd.

A message from Beatles producer Sir George Martin sent to NYC FAB 50 producers Charles F. Rosenay, Daniel Levine, Patrice Samara and Dennis D'Amico will be read at the NYC FAB 50 events starting with the “Twist & Shout: New York Celebrates the Beatles” show Thursday at the Apollo Theater, NYCFAB50 announced in a media release Feb. 5.

The text of Martin's statement:

“I am amazed how quickly time passes and that the Beatles appeared in New York for the first time 50 years ago. Hard to believe – I feel like Rumpelstiltskin! The first record I produced with them – 'Love Me Do' was merely a warm up. 'Please Please Me' was the biggie that swept Britain in 1964 and paved the way for their debut in the USA. And when that happened it was like an exploding keg of dynamite.

“The wonderful people of America took the Beatles into their hearts and never let go. They were crazy days, and I remember being in New York and listening to the radio, and no matter where you turned the dial you would hear the Beatles singing. It was complete saturation, never before heard and never since. The Boys loved the USA and they loved performing there, but the world now demanded their attention, so they began an exhausting round of Europe and the States in an effort to satisfy the demand for their attention.

“The people of America have always been generous to those that they like, and the Beatles will always be grateful for that wonderful display of love and support they received back in the Sixties. Me too!”

The message will be read at the Apollo by Geraldo Rivera, special guest celebrity emcee added to the event. Rivera has interviewed all four Beatles and was producer of the New York City One-To-One charity concert with John Lennon.

Tickets are still available for "Twist & Shout: New York Celebrates The Beatles" Apollo Theater charity concert, which features performances by Dionne Warwick, Lulu, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Lloyd Price, Gary U.S. Bonds and others. Other NYC FAB 50 shows are "Across The Universe Music Festival" featuring Spin Doctors and five other acts at 8 p.m. Friday at the Hudson Theatre; "America Celebrates The Beatles: All-Star Concert featuring Tommy James, Al Jardine (Beach Boys), Gene Cornish (Rascals), Fred Schneider (B-52s), Marshall Crenshaw and many others on Saturday night, February 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall; and "Across The Universe Music Festival: Grand Finale" featuring Son of Origin and six other acts on Sunday night Feb. 9 at 8pm at the Bitter End.

Information on all shows can be found at the NYC FAB 50 website.

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