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Memphis man sentenced to prison for drowning puppy in dishwasher

Curry will be spending the next 16 months in prison for drowning his puppy in the dishwasher.
Curry will be spending the next 16 months in prison for drowning his puppy in the dishwasher.Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Marcus Curry, 27, of the Hickory Hill area, who pleaded guilty late last week to felony aggravated animal cruelty in the drowning death of his puppy, after having trapped the pooch in his dishwasher, has been sentenced to 16 months in prison reported Saturday's The Inquisitr.

Curry turned the dishwasher on, after putting the German shepherd puppy named Daisy in it, and walked away. A witness stated that Curry said he left the dog in the machine "too long". He then threw Daisy's lifeless body into the trash.

Last June, Curry was also charged with leaving the same dog on his balcony for several days without food or water

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After being released on bail and indicted for felony animal cruelty, Curry disappeared. When authorities caught up with him at a Memphis area motel in March 2014, he was arrested. A petition garnered more than 24,000 signatures asking that Curry be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The maximum punishment for a Class E felony is punishable with a fine up to $3,000 and/or imprisonment up to 6 years.

Rest in peace Daisy.

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