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Member of Obama ‘Virginia Truth Team’ accuses Romney of courting ‘racist vote’

President Obama attempted to inject a bit of levity into his remarks at a fundraiser in Oakland, Ca., last night. He told an audience that after trying out the Republicans’ failed top-down economic, “we tried our plan—and it worked. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.”

The “joke” may have been lost on attendees who number among the 13 million currently unemployed Americans, but the Obama campaign has other ways of reaching them. One that was likely unscripted was tested out by Virginia State Democratic Rep. Louise Lucas, an official Obama surrogate and a member of his hand-picked Virginia “Truth Team.” In a radio interview (audio here), the congresswoman offered up the view that Mitt Romney is courting the American racist vote (h/t White House Dossier).

What I am saying to you is Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to a segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a white man in a White House or any other elected position.

Let’s be real clear about it … let’s be real clear. Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don’t like folks like Barack Obama in any elected or leadership position. We know what’s going on here and some people may be afraid to say it but I am not. I am not afraid to say it.

He’s speaking to that fringe out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. Senator Miller said it before she died and I agreed with her. They don’t want President Barack Obama in office as President and for all the reasons that you and I and a lot of other people understand.

It’s an incendiary accusation, especially coming from someone whose job is to “push back against false attacks.”

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