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Melt your muffin-top

If you are like me you came out of this winter with an extra layer of fat. Perhaps this was my way of a coping, surviving the harsh weather conditions but whatever it was, I’m not happy with the results!

Most of us don't look like this but with a little effort we can offer a healthier version of ourselves to the world.
Sexy manikin

On a recent Dr. Oz show titled Rapid Belly Melt, he offered 3 tips in combatting and melting this extra unwelcomed fat.

First you can test your situation to determine if you’ve got primarily outside belly fat called subcutaneous fat (just beneath the skin) or omentum fat beneath the muscle. We’ve all got both but to what severity impacts your health.

His test was simple, poke your finger into your stomach and measure how much it sinks in, (mine about ¼ inch) to understand how much subcutaneous fat you have to address.

For the fat just beneath the skin, (like the muffin top scenario most of us suffer), he recommends the supplement, Foreskolin. By taking 125 mg’s before breakfast daily, this will help this unwanted fat storage to burn away. He mentioned that the Foreskolin supplement must include at least 10% of Foreskolin to work appropriately.

If your stomach is relatively hard, then you want to focus on the omentum fat that is found beneath the stomach muscle. Dr. Oz communicated that junk carbohydrates like refined sugars and flours cause this type of fat. He suggests ½ teaspoon daily of blood sugar stabilizing spices such as, cyan pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, and oregano.

Lastly, 2 cups of green tea with added fresh lemon will boost the antioxidants to help minimize your stomach fat. Let the tea bag steep for 20 minutes and squeeze ½ of a lemon into it. The lemon ups the antioxidants kick by 6 fold.

If you’re unhappy with the extra fat hanging onto your stomach (inside or out), implement foreskolin, blood regulating spices and green tea with lemon to minimize it.

Give it a shot and share your results with me!

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