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Melissa faces loneliness during past life regression; part 2

During a past life regression at the Avalon Mist Wellness Center with practitioner, Kathleen Bass, Melissa Baxter learned that she lived a rather solitary life. She lived in a large house with her father but he had little time for her. No other parent or siblings were present.

This book entitled Past Lives: An Investigation into Reincarnation Memories was written by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick.
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Kathleen then asked Melissa to go back to the day that she found herself fully dressed and floating in water but just before this event.

“I’m playing by the water,” Melissa said adding that she was enjoying herself. “There are big waves. I feel like I slipped on something.”

Kathleen then asked her how she felt while in the water.

“I don’t feel scared,” she replied. “I’m sinking in the water.”

Kathleen then instructed her to go to the next day.

“I don’t feel that there is a next day,” she said.

With that, Kathleen knew it was time to bring her back to the present and did so by sending Melissa back through the door while she counted from 10 to one. Upon opening her eyes, Melissa said she was surprised that her death in that life had been an easy, peaceful one given that she now finds water “a scary thing.”

Kathleen said that in her current imagination, it might seem like a frightening way to die. However, she noted that since she had not found her death unnerving at all, Melissa should now realize that she had nothing to fear when she is around water.

When asked if she felt the past life regression had helped her Melissa said, “I still can’t swim. I guess I could learn.”

It should be noted that under normal circumstances, Kathleen lets her clients know that whatever they say during regression would be kept entirely confidential. As well, she said, she always tells clients that what they see is just a story and it won’t affect them emotionally or otherwise. She then related how when beginning her very first past life regression in 1995, she forgot to do that.

“This woman was screaming!” she said.

Kathleen explained that when the woman went back to a past life, she found that she and her current mother were servants. Their master had an affair with her mother and she got pregnant. When it happened a second time, the man killed her. She also learned that the man in that life was now her sister in this life.

“It was completely nutty,” Kathleen said. “She and her sister didn’t speak for some time,” and all the sister could say was, “What did I do?”

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