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Mega Millions lottery winner wants to open shelter for homeless animals

$66 million dollar lottery winner
$66 million dollar lottery winner

According to Thursday's CBS Detroit News, a Port Huron, Mich., resident, who recently won a massive Mega Millions lottery jackpot, has big plans for her new found wealth.

Last Thursday, 24-year-old Kelsey Zachow came forward to collect the jaw-dropping prize; the winning ticket from the June 13 drawing was for a whopping $66 million dollar jackpot.

Zachow summed up her moment of disbelief when she realized that she was the big winner:

“I checked it on my phone, and, yeah, I couldn’t breathe,”

“I was driving home, pulled in the driveway and ran our screaming. My boyfriend thought I had got in a car accident or hit someone on the street or something.

According to, Zachow intends to purchase some of the more typical big-ticket items associated with the receipt of a windfall of cash, including a new car...a Ford Mustang convertible, to be exact, as well as a new home and a European vacation.

The young Mega Millions winner also has her sights set on a more altruistic endeavor - opening a no-kill animal shelter. Zachow, mother to a seven-month-old son, told Macomb Daily:

I always wanted to open a no-kill animal shelter of some sort but right now it’s taking care of the little one,”

Zachow has already hired advisers to help her manage her millions - and she plans on being one of the "smart" winners - one who won't blow through the money and wind up destitute; she told Macomb Daily:

I wanted to be smart with it. I’ve been playing for five years so I kinda had a plan if I ever did win,”

“You watch those (TV) shows. People go bankrupt and lose it all. So, financial advisor, lawyer, taxes -- just getting everything straight beforehand. We have our ducks in a row and now we can have fun.”

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