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Medical Use For Cannabis And It’s Healing Properties

Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana
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Cannabis is the medical term for marijuana. In it’s botanical form, it’s plant is called genus. Three plant forms govern the name cannabis, and have been known for their healing/medical properties since ancient times. All three types are used medically, however, they all have different results and are taken for different reasons. Although there has been much controversy over legalizing cannabis in many states through out our nation, medical experts are standing up to the challenge as scientist continue to reveal new studies indicating the importance of legalizing it strictly for medical reasons.

In organizing the three medical terms that are used to governing cannabis, two are the most used in the medical field. Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica are the main resources for medical patients and Cannabis Ruderalis is sometimes used by medical professionals mixed with either Cannabis Sativa, of Cannabis Indica.

As Cannabis Indica is a descendant of Cannabis Sativa---Cannabis Ruderalis is a descendant of Cannabis Indica. Cannabis Sativa is a tall, thin plant with narrow leaves that come from Mexico, Thailand, and South Eastern Asia. It takes about 16 weeks to mature. Although some of it has an earthy taste, researchers say it has a sweet fruity taste and is edible. Cannabis Indica is a short dense plant with broad leaves, which comes from Tibet, Afghanistan, and Morocco. It takes about six to eight weeks to mature and it’s also edible due to it’s sweet and fruity taste. Cannabis Ruderalis is short with wide bladed leaves. It grows in places like Cananda, Northern Europe and Northern Russia. A 10 week maturity process is necessary for this plant to fully develop.

There are several medical reasons why cannabis is used and research shows the results, which is the reason why cannabis has been legalized in many states throughout our nation and in several different countries. It’s a know fact that cannabis has been legalized in California, Colorado, Hawaii, The District Of Columbia, Nevada, Rhode Island, Arizona, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Alaska, New Jersey, Michigan, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, and Washington State, while it’s an everyday delicacy in Amsterdam. In a study done by the International Journal of Drug Policy in Switzerland cannabis is used to keep their prisoners safe. A prison guard stated “Marijuana is a calming way to decrease the trauma of the prison experience.” 50 to 80% of their prisoners use cannabis to keep them calm and relaxed.

Here is a list of many medical reasons why Cannabis Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis are used.

1. Pain Relief for Arthiritis
2. HIV/Aids
3. Cancer
4. Chrohn’s
5. Fibromyallgia
6. Migrain Headaches
7. To increase the appetite
8. Insomnia
9. Asthma
10. Glycoma
11. Multiple Sclerosis
12. Parkinsons disease

And many more according to the Medical Professionals. The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation has a news letter and television program in Portland that give a full review on Cannabis and it’s controversy’s a government officials continue to observe the reason why cannabis should be legalized.

For more information about the legalization of marijuana and it’s medical terms log on to:

Books On Medical Cannabis:

1. Medical Marijuana Law: Author Richard Glenn Boire
2. Medical Marijuana 101: Author Mickey Martin
3. MARIJUANA AS MEDICINE? The Science Beyond the Controversy
Author: Alison Mack and Janet Joy for the Institute of Medicine NATIONAL
ACADEMY PRESS Washington, D.C.
4. Marijuana Medicine: Author Christiana Ratsch
5. Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws and Rules, 2012 Edition
6. Pot Of Gold: Author Gregg Campbell

Video’s on Medical Marijuana

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