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Med-Vet International recalls insulin syringes with mismarked barrels

According to a recent FDA report, Med-Vet International announced a recall of veterinary 1/2cc U-40 insulin syringes due to mismarked syringe barrels.

If you are using pet insulin syringes, be sure to read this!
Pat Anthony: Pet Examiner/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner/Nutrition Examiner

The following details are from the FDA report:

The syringes have been found to be labeled with 40 units per 1/2cc syringe and they should be marked with only 20 units per 1/2cc, which potentially could result in lower than prescribed doses of insulin. Animals receiving subtherapeutic doses of insulin may exhibit signs and symptoms consistent with hyperglycemia including, but not limited to dehydration, increase in thirst, increase in urination, malaise or lethargy, and urinary tract infection in addition to increasing the risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis. The long term failure to adequately control blood glucose levels can result in vision problems, neuropathy, and damage to the pancreas

Anyone with pets or animals in their care will understand the importance of this recall. As pets being provided insulin must be given accurate amounts, this error could cause a life threatening situation.

Med-Vet International stated they issued the recall when they became aware of the situation with the mismarked syringes. Also important to know: There have been no injuries reported due to these mismarked syringes.

The report released by the FDA states that Med-Vet International distributed the recalled syringes, which are 1/2cc U-40 insulin syringes, throughout the United States to veterinarians and customers.

Consumers are asked to save any recalled items they have. These can be returned for a refund. Also, consumers may want to talk to their pet's veterinarian if they have a pet that requires insulin, and the recalled Med-Vet insulin syringes were being used.

If consumers have questions about the recalled Med-Vet insulin syringes, the company can be reached at 800-544-7521. Someone is available to answer calls from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. central time. Also, consumers wanting a response by email can use this email address:

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