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McDonalds fast food: toxic ingredients include putty and cosmetic petrochemicals

Desptite healthier-looking menu options, McDonalds foods still contain toxic synthetic ingredients, high sugars, and trans-fats
Desptite healthier-looking menu options, McDonalds foods still contain toxic synthetic ingredients, high sugars, and trans-fats


  • Branden Mikal 5 years ago

    Interesting article here. Very informative. I'm definitely going to watch what I eat now. This is down right awful. Silicone? is that even necessary for our found?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    very good disgusting creeps they make themselves look good by giving money to kids who are sick and just think they make hundreds more with the crap in their food.

  • Profile picture of Andree Gisele SUDDOO
    Andree Gisele SUDDOO 4 years ago

    Guess even ginger will not cover all toxic chemicals! And you’re still wonder where are cancers, ADHD triggered by? It's really time to close all fast food restaurants that are after all big corporations working for profit only and get back to home cooking meals or small fresh food family restaurants.

  • Azure'RaMorganna 3 years ago

    I have family that cannot eat wheat anymore. They have cut out bread and pastries as much as possible. But looking at the ingredients for FRIES, they can't even eat that; there is wheat in it. They can't eat the chicken because of the breading and it contains added yeast.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    If you ever start looking at the "real" food you eat alot of it contains the very same ingredients as the fast food stuff--go ahead prove me wrong--read your labels if you dare

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I think it's worthy to mention that it is a fact that over 90% of soybean corn and canola (oil) in the US IS in fact genetically modified.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    that is why you should just shop your own food and buy organic.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, the whole country is subject to bad health as of years ago, if we eat right, we suffer anyway because, all of the food is genetically modified to look and taste pleasing, but actually, there is mixed DNA from insects and other mammals that reacts with our own DNA causing cancers and many other health problems. in order to protect yourself you must buy organically and you have to make sure that the farmers used organic seeds. make sure that the meats are farm raised with no hormones and gmo. also the air is filthy now days, tons of aluminum is dumped from planes every day, causes mental health problems and also physical health problems.


    @ Anonymous doesn't change the fact that it still adds a lot of things TO those 'natural' ingredients. And they still add horrible ones

  • Medo 2 years ago

    Most of this is unsourced to be fair. And what is sourced comes from McDonald's website which means they are being fairly transparent.

    To be absolutely honest, McDonalds is a now-and-again thing. Sure, it's bad for your physical but it's tasty and it's fun for kids and the pleasure response from eating it alone is a real boost psychologically. Everything has an effect on the body in some way but moderation is the key. I like McDonalds now and again.

    Some of the arguments here are moot. For McDonald's to do any real damage it would need to be eaten consistently and frequently. If it is eaten that way, then the consumer in question needs to learn to eat healthier. We know McDonald's isn't a suitable staple; it's stupidity that can do the real damage.

  • Lawrence 2 years ago

    Couldn't find any of those chemicals on the list:
    1. dymethylpolysioxane
    2. TBHQ
    Where are they?
    Secondly ingredients seem nothing different from anything else you buy these days trans fat , sugar ...
    So the article could be just about any supermarket or fast food (appart from organic) ?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Thats a lie. I don't stop to eat maccas

  • matthew 2 years ago

    so true

  • Ross 2 years ago

    Interesting...however if you take a look at the McDonalds Australian website, none of those harmful ingredients are listed?

  • Brent 2 years ago

    This stuff is freaky shit!
    But like you said, they make it apealing to the human eye.
    It's addictive and should be against the law. its harmful... if all these insane chemicals are alowed in our foods, then crack, cocane should be legal as well... they want to kill us purposely? And im sure its there whole plan.
    Plus its all about $$$$$!
    Its wrong and makes me want to think twice then think again about my health....
    Geez! They put foamed plastic in bread as a preservative. its called AZODICARBAMIDE. check it out on ur bread ingredients and look up the word urself...peace everyone and think about a healthier life....
    I need to do the same................

  • 2 years ago

    Well this open up mine eyes no more MC Donald fd 4 me 2 ever again thank u 4 this infro.

  • Queen of Pickle Palace 2 years ago

    This article was pretty informative... but as good as it was, I'm still gonna be eating Wendy's. I don't care what's in my food, but then again, I may die young from Wendy's food. Ah! C'est la vie.

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