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MCA's content-based, real-time emergency system protects communities

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL--MyCommunityAlert technology can help protect communities before, during and after the storm. MCA’S content-based, real-time information and emergency notification system works. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, predicts eight to 13 named storms, with 3-6 becoming hurricanes and at least 1 or 2 of these storms growing into major storm status. All one needs to do is recall the devastation of Superstorm Sandy to understand just how important it is to be prepared in advance and capable of communicating prior to, during and in the aftermath of such storms.

Last year when Sandy hit the east coast, one small community in Greenwich, CT, maintained its ability to communicate and keep in touch with is residents due to a new technology it deployed for its residents. That technology was MyCommunityAlert (MCA); a text and email alert technology that is now available nationwide.

During and after that storm, MCA’s communications platform was deployed, and residents were constantly informed about conditions in their area. Community members received regular and relevant updates from their community leaders and MCA representatives; they were never left in the dark about the emergency situation. Similarly, MCA has been field tested numerous times in its headquarters state of Florida where severe weather, street flooding, and power outages are fairly common. In all, more than 10,000 households are currently being protected by MCA’s technology. MCA was created by a team of experts that includes an executive with 25 years of law enforcement experience and two other senior executives with more than 45 years combined of business development and management know-how. Its tech team’s central location is in Southern California, its programmers are located throughout California and overseas, and its main and backup servers are situated in different locations in Michigan.

In addition to its headquarters in Wellington, FL, MCA has a branch office in the New York City metro region.

MCA provides information via text messages and emails directly to registered users within minutes. The system is specifically designed to keep users informed about emergencies and anything else that impacts their local communities:

  • Public Health & Safety- burglaries, dangerous animals, downed power lines, storm threats...
  • School & Government-emergency closings, school lockdowns...
  • Family & Friends-missing children, seniors, or pets...
  • Community Activities and Issues-road construction, gate closings, meetings...

MCA alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of people within minutes, keeping those who need to know in the know. Alerts can be pushed to entire communities or tailored intra-community to specific requirements called “sector segmentation.” In particular, MCA’s text-centric system allows it to function under the most trying of circumstances. When power is out during severe weather texting may be the only means of communication.

MCA services for residential communities cost approximately $0.50 per month per household, enabling users to register up to 2 cell phone numbers and 3 email addresses for the price. Customized pricing is available for larger communities and municipalities.

“While I work for MyCommunityAlert I am also a subscriber and lived through Superstorm Sandy, so I can speak first-hand about what a valuable tool MCA was in the midst of the havoc,” said Renee Leibler, Vice President of MCA. “I heard from dozens of my Greenwich neighbors who looked at MCA as a lifeline to information that helped them manage a very difficult situation after the storm. I know it can make a real difference when the lights are out and phone service isn’t available.”

For more information about MyCommunityAlert and to schedule a demonstration, please visit You can also contact Beverly D' Amico or Renee Leibler. Beverly D' Amigo can be reached as follows: Phone: 954-612-1271; email via or just click the link to her Linkedin profile. Renee Leibler can be reached as follows: Phone: 914-319-3779; email via; or just click the link to her LinkedIn profile.


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