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Mayor Rahm Emanuel blames feds for Chicago shootings over holiday weekend

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (l) and Top Cop Garry McCarthy
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (l) and Top Cop Garry McCarthy
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

After being severely criticized by media for refusing to talk about the deadly holiday weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel finally spoke. No surprise that the mayor pointed the finger of blame to others. According to WLS-AM radio in Chicago on Wednesday, the mayor said that it is only fair to ask where the police were when the Fourth of July weekend street violence was going on. However, the mayor is also citing the federal government for a share of the blame.

Sounding like a far stretch, Emanuel complained about what the federal government hasn’t been doing for Chicago, in his humble opinion. Emanuel asked where the federal government is with the resources for summer jobs. He asks where the federal government is on the after-school programs. And, of course, he went after the gun laws again. Emanuel asks where the guns laws are so that guns from Indiana and Wisconsin will not be flowing into the streets of Chicago.

Chicago Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy spoke on WLS-AM radio about the situation as well. McCarthy was quick to point out positives, believe it or not. As McCarthy and Emanuel often do in the midst of incredibly bad headlines, they make statements which are likely designed to pat themselves on the back for a job well done. McCarthy said that shootings were down in the first couple of days of 2014’s Independence Day holiday weekend. He strongly stressed that there were fewer shootings Thursday night through Saturday than there had been previously during the Fourth of July weekend. Like Emanuel, McCarthy blames gun laws, too.

Naturally, McCarthy had to lament that things went wrong on Sunday and he said that he has no idea why. The top cop rejected criticism of there not being enough cops on the city's streets over the weekend. He insists that it is what the cops do and not the number of cops - which, logically, means he should start looking at what his cops are doing out there.

The public is calling for the National Guard to come to Chicago to assist with the continued shootings and murders. Illinois Gov. Quinn does not support such a move and says that Illinois has the State Police which could assist, if Chicago needs the help. While Quinn is likely embarrassed about this situation which isn't helping his image either, he has bigger concerns going on, politically, as his election day nears. His financial scandal over campaign funds isn't going away - any time soon.

According to WGN-TV News, Emanuel also called the shootings over the weekend to be senseless and meaningless. Over the holiday weekend, 82 persons were shot by last count. Fourteen of those persons were killed, though three may have been self-inflicted gunshots – which are still being investigated.

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