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Maya Angelou’s funeral: Westboro Baptist Church says they will picket

Maya Angelou funeral targeted by picket?
Maya Angelou funeral targeted by picket?
Photo by Michael Loccisano

Maya Angelou’s death had everyone extremely sad at the passing of a legend. Finding comfort in the words that she shared gave others hope, inspiration and compassion. The legendary writer offered up love in everything she did. Which is why reports of the Westboro Baptist Church's intentions of picketing Maya Angelou’s funeral is so shocking. According to WGPH on Thursday, the group is asking their members for help in acquiring details about the service so they can be out with their signs.

The unbelievable videos where Westboro Baptist Church members would be seen picketing during a funeral service for a veteran is tough to watch. And now this group that is fill with hate appears to have their focus on the famous poet. It seems almost too hard to believe that the group insists on spreading their hate in this manner.

According to on Thursday, the Westboro Baptist Church members are getting ready to head out from Kansas and need the details so they can be in place for when the services might be held. Asking for help to find out the particulars on social media, the information is definitely going to be shared with the people who want to make a scene and try discount Angelou’s legacy.

Anyone with a pulse should be outraged that Westboro Baptist Church would even consider picketing the funeral of Maya Angelou. The action is not only hateful and disgusting, it goes against all the love that Maya Angelou shared with the world through her words.

Maya Angelou was an award-winning author, renowned poet and civil rights activist. She died Wednesday in her Winston-Salem home at age 86. There is no doubt Angelou deserves a proper sendoff, but there is no telling what will happen if the promise of picketing really happens. The idea seems so offensive and cruel to someone who have given so much to the world.